Article 1. Name and registered seat



The association is founded and recognized by IAAF since 1956, under the name of “Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation” (KH-AAF) has the mission to govern and manage the activities to develop the sport of athletics within the Kingdom of Cambodia. Its duration is unlimited.


Its registered seat established by its General Assembly situated at the National Sport


Complex, PO Box 101. Phnom Penh.



Article 2. Objectives

The Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation is dedicated to:

  •  promote and encourage the development of sport of athletics

         within the Kingdom of Cambodia from the national level into the
         basic level.

  •  publish the world athletics news and encourage the implementation of the international athletics technical rules of competition from the basic level into the high level in conformity with the international athletics principles.

  • establish the yearly athletics competition calendar concerning: the national championship, the challenge trophy or Cup and friendship competitions.


  • training the sport administrators and technical officials in athletics at national and international level for the need of the Federation and its members.


  • represent Cambodia at the international athletics events.


  • the objectives of the Federation shall be pursued without any

       political, racial and religious concerns and shall act against any  form of discrimination or violence in sport.

Article 3. Membership

3.1 The membership of KHAAF is open to all athletics associations

from ministries, institutions at national level and municipal and

provincial authorities within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

3.2 The General Assembly may from time to time confer the title of

honorary member, Honorary Presidents and Honorary life

Presidents to individual high personalities who have contributed

their resources to the Federation. Such members shall be

nominated by Executive Committee.

3.3 The KHAAF welcomes also the individual members whose are

interested to participate in the athletics activities. Those members


may be represented by one (01) athlete at the Executive

committee. This membership shall be also conferred by the General


Article 4. Rights and Obligation of Members

4.1 Only active members who have fulfilled all obligations towards the Federation can nominate one candidate to the election and have
the voting rights.

4.2 Individual members have the rights to nominate the candidate to

the election and have the voting rights through their representative.

They shall fulfill the same obligations as active members.

4.3 All members in article 4-1 and 4-2 should pay their annual

subscription fee to the Federation. Those who do not pay their fee

will loose their rights automatically. The annual subscription shall be

determined by the General Assembly.


Article 5. The KHAAF deliberative and administrative organs are:

  • the General Assembly


  • the Executive Committee


  • the internal auditor


  • the General secretariat as delegated by the Executive Committee.

Section I: The General Assembly

Article 6. The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the KHAAF
The General Assembly alone shall:

  • determine the policy in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the KHAAF.


  • receive and examine the report on KHAAF activities and moral


  • receive the balance sheet and audited accounts of the previous
    financial year, following the report of the internal auditor and
    external auditor.

  • receive and approve the budget for the forthcoming year.

  • fix the amount of the subscription for active members.

  • approve the admission or exclusion of association and individual members of KHAAF.

  • elect the members of the Executive Committee and the internal auditor

  • approve the program of activities of KHAAF for the forthcoming period.

  • make amendments to the statutes and internal regulations.

  • if appropriate, manage the dissolution of the KHAAF. In case of dissolution of KHAAF, the General Assembly shall manage the liquidation and allocation of the KHAAF property in conformity with its statutes and internal regulations.

  • decide on any questions submitted to it by associations of the active members or by the executive committee.

Article 7. The debates and decisions

  • the General Assembly shall take place every year.


  • the elective General Assembly shall take place every four years and shall be convened by the President of KHAAF at least one month before the date planned for the meeting.


  • an extraordinary General Assembly may be convened at the request of at least one third of its active members or on the decisions of the Executive Committee.


  • the agenda of the General Assembly shall be determined by the

        Executive Committee subject to inclusion of those items

        detailed in article 6. The debates of the General Assembly may

        only bear on the questions figuring in the agenda.

  • quorum of the General Assembly shall not be less than fifty percent plus one of fully subscribed active members.


  • voting shall be take place by secret ballot. All decisions shall  be

        taken by absolute majority of votes cast, except in case explicitly

        envisaged by these statutes and internal regulations.

  • by votes cast, it should be understood to mean “Yes” “No” or



Article 8. Composition and Voting rights

8.1 Active members:

  • the General Assembly is composed of associations with the active members mentioned in article 3.


  • only delegate members mandated by associations of active members may take part in the votes. Active members shall be

represented by its President or a delegate mandated for this purpose.

  • each association of active member has only one vote.


  • if an association of active member is unable to send a delegate of its own association to the General Assembly, it may entrust its

mandate to the delegate of another association of active member. However, a delegate may not entrusted for more than
one additional mandate to that of his own association.

  • active members may only exercise the right to vote if they are up to date with their subscription at the time of the opening of the

General Assembly.

  • the previous members of the Executive Committee can be re-mandated to the General Assembly only by their own association

of active member.

8.2 Participants, observers and guests

  • members of the Executive Committee, the Secretary General,the Internal auditor, the Chairperson of the standing commission

are convened to the General Assembly, but do not have the voting rights.

  • representative of national sport bodies and personalities may attend the General Assembly as observers or honorary guests of

the Federation.

Section II: The Executive Committee

Article 9. Composition of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of members elected by the General Assembly of KHAAF.

9.2 Eleven (13) Executive Committee members shall be elected for four (04) years in the following order:

  • President (01)


  • Vice President (02)​


  • General Treasurer (01)


  • members (as needed)

Article 10. Conduct of the Executive Committee

  • the Executive Committee may be convened to the meeting on the request of the President of KHAAF, according to the need, or at the request of at least one third of the Executive Committee members.


  • the Secretary General and Internal Auditor shall attend the meeting of the Executive Committee as non voting members.


  • the quorum of the Executive committee meeting shall be more than 50% of the voting members. The approval shall be done by raise hand except the individual case.


  • the decision shall be taken by absolute majority.


  • in the case of a split vote, the President shall have the casting vote.


  • however for convening an General Assembly or an Extra General Assembly for an amendment of the statutes or internal regulations or dissolution of the Federation, the majority required is two-third of the Executive Committee members or one-third of the associations of active members.


  • minutes of the meeting shall be taken and submitted to the next Executive Committee meeting for approval and must signed by the President.

Article 11. Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

The President shall organize and direct the work of the Executive Committee and report to the General Assembly. He shall ensure the proper functioning of the Federation and in particular ensure that the members of the Executive Committee are in a position to fulfill their mission.

11.2 The Executive Committee shall:

  • make recommendations to the General Assembly on the affiliation of the new members.


  • appoint the chairperson and members of the commission.


  • appoint the Secretary General of the Federation. 

  • make recommendation to the General Assembly on any disciplinary measures applicable to the associations of the active members or legal person under the authority of KHAAF against whom a breach of sport ethics in the provision of KHAAF statutes and Internal regulations might be held or make appreciation by giving awards or merit order to the outstanding association members or individual members who have fulfilled their duties successfully.


  • examine the questions of general interest submitted to it by the President.


  • rule on the direction of the KHAAF policy. For this purpose it may decide to create working groups and propose amendments to the statutes and internal regulations.


  • exercise permanent control of the decisions taken by the steering commission.


  • control the General Secretariat of the KHAAF and carrying out of the mandate of KHAAF awarded by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport as stated in article 15 of KHAAF statutes.


  • the Executive Committee shall be considered competent to accept gifts and bequests in favor of KHAAF.

11.3 Recommendations of the Executive Committee relative to the acts of dissolution and disposal mentioned in article 6 must be submitted for the approval of the General Assembly.

Article 12. The Steering commission

A steering commission shall be constituted within the Executive Committee. It shall be composed of 5 members:

  • the President


  • the first Vice President


  • the General Treasurer


  • two members

The steering commission shall be convened as required by the President.

The Secretary General may attend the steering commission meeting.

The steering commission shall be invested with a mandate allowing it to act as delegated by the Executive Committee. All decisions of the steering commission must be submitted for the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section III: The Internal auditor

Article 13. Role and responsibility of the internal auditor

The internal auditor shall be elected by the General Assembly for four (04) years. This person shall sit in a personal capacity and participate in the Executive committee meeting as an advisory capacity. The Internal auditor shall monitor and evaluate KHAAF’s financial management each year based on the documents present to him by the General Treasurer. The Internal auditor will report on the findings of the audit to the General Assembly.

Section IV: The KHAAF General Secretariat

Article 14. Direction, Representation and Administration.

The KHAAF’s general direction and representation shall be assumed by the President. On the recommendation of the President and the steering commission, the Executive Committee may appoint the Secretary General whose duties and responsibilities will include management of the administration, the day to day implementation of the KHAAF policies and the general functioning of the Federation. The Executive Committee alone is deemed competent to set the objectives of this individual role and approve eventual recommendations for the post of officers in the General Secretariat and the standing commission.

Article 15.- International Relationships

The Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation is affiliated to the IAAF (and through the IAAF to the Asian Athletics Association). The Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation recognises, accepts, applies, observes and abides by the current Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the IAAF and the Asian Athletics Association, as well as any future amendments. This applies especially to the Anti‐Doping rules, the handling of disputes, and relations with Athletes’ Representatives. Any citizen of Cambodia elected to the IAAF Council is de jure a member of the Council and/or Executive Body of the Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation with full voting rights.


Article 16. Management KHAAF’s mandate

The Executive committee shall be authorized to confer a general management mandate of KHAAF and its association members under the Cambodian constitution, articles 42 and 65. Under the supervision of the Secretary General, it shall:

  • manage the daily affairs


  • run the administrative General Secretariat and personnel management


  • negotiate the candidate for the athletics Championship and other competitions etc...


  • act as signatories of contracts


  • purchase, sell and manage the properties of KHAAF.

Article 17. Annual auditing of accounts

The KHAAF financial year begins on January 1st and end on December 31st.

The Internal auditor will officially examine KHAAF’s financial management each year. All KHAAF’s accounts will be audited annually by an independent and qualified group of external auditors. This group will be appointed for a period of four (04) years by the Executive Committee on the recommendations of the President and the steering commission. They will produce a balance sheet, audited accounts and audit certificates which will be presented every year to the General Assembly for approval.

Section V: Sources of Finances

Article 18. The KHAAF sources of finances come from:

  • the grant from International Federation


  • the subsidy from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport


  • the annual subscription from its association members.


  • the licenses fee


  • the participation fee


  • other incomes made by KHAAF and its association members


Article 19. Proposals to amend the statutes

The General Assembly may discuss an amendment to the statutes at the request of one-third of the associations of active members or at the request of the Executive Committee. Two-third of the associations of active members must represent for the amendment to the statutes to be submitted to the vote of the General Assembly. An amendment can only be accepted by a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast. By votes cast it should be understood that it means “Yes” “No” “Abstention” Article 20. Liquidation of the propriety in the event of dissolution In the event of dissolution, the General Assembly will appoint one or several commissions responsible for the liquidation of the KHAAF’s property and assets.


Article 21. Official and Working languages

The KHAAF’s official languages are Khmer, English and French. For the statutes and internal regulations that KHAAF working with its associations members, the Khmer language is the official language. In case of any dispute about the interpretation of the text of the statutes and internal regulations, the Khmer text and English text will be deemed authentic.

Article 22. Reference to Internal regulations

The method for enforcement of these statutes as well as all cases not envisaged in them, shall be determined by the internal regulations.

Article 23. Signature

The KHAAF shall be validly committed by the signature of the President and the Secretary General. In case of the President is unable to fulfill his duties, he must delegate his duties to a senior vice President to act on his behalf.

Article 24. The KHAAF’s Emblem

The KHAAF’s emblem is the Cambodia map in blue located in yellow circle boundering by red circumference. Above the map there is an athlete symbol running from right to left with abbreviation in Khmer at the top, both are in black. In the top area of the map, there is the wording “Khmer KHAAF in white located in between the brown running track with green background (see annex)


Article 25. These statutes have been discussed and adopted by the General

Assembly of KHAAF on the September 29, 2018 at Department of Sport, National Sport Complex, Phnom Penh and come into force immediately.